Marina Jacobs

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Service and education are the two words that come to mind when I am asked to provide my bio. Contributing to society has been my priority since graduating college in 1985. I am proud to have served our country during the Gulf War and blessed to have been in a loving marriage for the last 27 years, serving the Lord, my husband, and the two boys we raised.

I used to think of myself as a professional student. Born and raised in Chicago, I attended most of my professional schooling in in the downtown area. Columbia College, is where I earned my degree in Television Production/Corporate Video. With those jobs being scarce, I went back to school for my diploma in Computer Operations. I moved to Texas and worked as a Computer Operator for a while. I needed something more, which led me to serve and train in the Army Reserve as a Field Medic. This was to be a once a month training, just in case, and just in case happened!

My military service was my biggest success professionally. I was one of the oldest recruits during Bootcamp, where I practiced team building and leadership skills. It was natural for me to encourage my fellow recruits through some tough training and I got into trouble many times for smiling too much! I had God with me, so I kept my joy even then, though I'm not saying it was always easy. I continually trained as a field medic a couple of years before my deployment during the Gulf War, 1991. You could say I have had my five minutes of fame after being interviewed at the 97th General Hospital in Frankfurt, Germany, by our local news channel out of Dallas, TX. I took care of troops as they arrived, injured or ill from war in Kuwait. Service in the Army also allowed many benefits for myself and my husband, who was a Navy man, now retired.

The world is changing so rapidly. After serving as a substitute teacher for seven years, I left the schools in 2020. Since my boys had grown up, I learned about the new innovations in finance and real estate so I could work for myself at home and serve in some other ways. I earned a private money brokerage certificate, took several classes on blockchain and cryptocurrency, and now I am happy to offer innovation in air sanitization.

Being self-employed, I will always be interested in serving people and enhancing lives through the blessings provided to me. I will always be sincere and honest. This last discovery, this exclusive space-age technology that greatly reduces viruses, is a godsend to me and to those who try it for themselves. Knowing so many people who have been ill, a few of which who passed away over the last 24 months, it is bittersweet to now have a solution. Moving forward, I can truly help people live and work in more purified spaces.

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